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New book: Jeg er ingen rose (I am not a rose)

The book is in Danish, but here is something about it in English.

Book cover of "Jeg er ingen rose" I am not a rose

If you know some Danish friends who wants to read about life in Philippines, this is the best book to suggest. It gives a realistic and entertaining view of life in Philippines today, and it makes readers respect the strength and values of Filipino Women.

Translated from the backside of the cover:

Maria Geraldin tells in this book about strong emotions, about her love to her family, about hard work and the courage to take chances.

She tells about the struggle to survive in the village, the maid's view of working in the house in Manila, and how she met a Danish man.

The reader experiences how their expectations, reservations, dreams and hope play together, and the problems they encounter when they in spite of their different backgrounds want to share a life in Denmark.

Maria Geraldin describes the danish immigration system and the Danish society with an open mind and a sense of humour, and the book describes the feelings and conflicts when she returns to her family in the Philippines.

The  book is republished in an electronic version, and available through - dirct link

Published: Originally november 2005

Price: 230 kr. (at publication)

Publisher: Forfatterforlaget Attika

First chapter of the book

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